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Surveying Wrecks around Estonia

DATE: 22 /03 /17

wreck case

As a part of ensuring safe navigation, the Estonian Maritime Administration identifies potential dangerous wrecks in Estonian waters. ​​

Why are they surveying these old wrecks?​

The mission of the Estonian Maritime Administration is to ensure safe navigation in Estonian waters. It is extremely important to identify all possible navigational hazards, including wrecks. Some of these wrecks, especially those lost during WWII pose a potential environmental threat because of their cargo and fuel. High resolution Multibeam sonar systems help find and identify such wrecks. Below are some great examples of wrecks surveyed using a Teledyne RESON SeaBat 7125.


Teledyne PDS and Trimble Partnership

DATE: 13 /03 /17

trimbel_fro reson

March 7, 2017 Trimble and Teledyne Marine announced that Trimble will distribute a branded version of Teledyne’s PDS software package for hydrographic survey, construction and dredging operations—Trimble® Marine Construction Software. The software provides accurate measurement and positioning to improve marine construction efficiency and safety.

Read the full press release


SeaBat T50-P demos at US Hydro, March 20-23

DATE: 02 /03 /17

us hydro demos

In addition to our exhibit on booth 62, 63 , we’ll also be conducting on-water and dockside demonstrations just outside the conference center. Jump on a tour and see the RESON SeaBat T50-P or the Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800-RP remote control survey boat with integrated Odom MB2 shallow water Multibeam in action. ​


New Teledyne RESON and Teledyne PDS open Training courses

DATE: 31 /01 /17

training 2017

Start the year off well by getting trained on the latest hardware and software technology. This year, Teledyne Marine again brings you a number of courses set at different global locations. The open courses cover Teledyne PDS for Dredge or Multibeam operations and SeaBat training. Teledyne PDS and Teledyne SeaBat Multibeam Sonars are widely used for many seabed mapping and dredging operations. Due to the popularity of the SeaBat and Teledyne PDS, we also offer a combined training session giving you everything you need to know from SeaBat installation to producing a deliverable in Teledyne PDS.


RESON TV is now The Teledyne Marine Imaging Channel

DATE: 20 /12 /16


You now have one central channel for all video content from Teledyne RESON, Teledyne BlueView, Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, Teledyne Bowtech and Teledyne PDS. We have combined all the best Technical Papers videos, Sonar videos, Case Study videos, Instructional videos, event videos and more from all the Teledyne Marine imaging brands.


HydroSweep now supports industry standard data format RESON S7K

DATE: 02 /12 /16


Slangerup, Denmark – November 28, 2016 – Teledyne RESON A/S releases a major software update for the HydroSweep deep water multibeam echosounders. It opens the possibility for HydroSweep users to select the hydrographic data acquisition and post processing software of their choice, for maximised survey results and improved efficiency.

Teledyne RESON HydroSweep is a multibeam echosounder product series from Teledyne RESON for medium to full ocean depth applications.


Teledyne SeaBat T50-P Successfully Demonstrated at Chinese User Conference

DATE: 22 /11 /16

chines user conf

More than sixty Chinese experts and scholars attended a two-day Underwater Technology Seminar in Guangzhou. The event was arranged by Teledyne Marine’s authorized representative Tek Meridian. Teledyne Marine presented and demonstrated its latest technology.


SeaBat T50 Normalized Backscatter and Compressed Water Column Data now fully supported by QPS

DATE: 04 /11 /16


QPS has just released their Fledermaus Suite 7.7 – which now provides full support for both Normalized Backscatter and Compressed Water Column Data.

Normalized Backscatter


Join the Technology Focus Day at Teledyne Marine in Aberdeen

DATE: 04 /10 /16


Teledyne Bowtech, Aberdeen is to host the first Teledyne Marine Technology Focus Day UK on Wednesday 26th October 2016. The focus will be upon offshore technology; with demonstrations, presentations and showcasing going on throughout the day.

Insights into the core Teledyne Marine groups; Imaging, Instruments, Interconnect, Seismic and Vehicles will be explored and specific Teledyne Marine brands will be showcasing new and existing technology and products via and alongside various presentations and product demonstrations.

The day will be run with a number of presentations in the morning that are then repeated in the afternoon session. The live demonstrations and technology showcase will be ongoing all day.

BlueView, Bowtech, Odom Hydrographic, RD Instruments, RESON, TSS, Impulse-PDM and Oil & Gas are just some of the Teledyne Marine brands that will be showcasing on the day.

Learn more about Technology Focus Day


Press Release: Teledyne RESON’s T-Series is leading the way with next generation Modular Sonar Technology

DATE: 20 /09 /16

new T series press release


Slangerup, Denmark – September 22nd, 2016 – Teledyne RESON introduces four new multibeam sonar systems: the Integrated Dual Head SeaBat T20-R & T50-R and the modular SeaBat T20-R & T50-R Multibeam Sonars. These new multibeam sonars are all built on the cutting edge SeaBat T-series platform which delivers incredible data quality, enhanced sonar capabilities and a selection of sonar processors including the new Rack Mount processor – all allowing you to configure the solution to meet your needs and ensure that you maximize your investment.